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Urban Dance 25 plus

Mit Stella Caric
Montags 20:00 ‐ 21:30
*****Offenes Level
Dancehall Hip Hop House

This is a class for all dance and movement lovers from the age of 25 and older – our golden rule is to have fun with moving to a good beat. The focus lies on the first 40 minutes in which you will groove throughout your whole body in order to stress out single moves.

Another important part of this class is a dynamic body workout as well as a good stretching for more mobility and flexibility.

The choreography part in this class is short and easy but still very groovy, funny and expressive. You can bring your own body language and style into the movements so that everybody has his own interpretation.

The course level is open so that everybody who is interested can pop in and try it out.

It is an ideal class to stay fit, to dance and meeting friends – packed into really groovy atmosphere.

Stella Caric - Urban Dance - Foto by Nika Kramer
Stella Caric
Dozentin, Choreografin, Geschäftsführung
Regular Teacher
Dancehall Hip Hop House Jazz Lyrical Modern

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