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Rotation: Special & Master Classes

Mit Sherry Holickz, Prince M.I.K. Ofori, Biki John, Jan Lachenmayer, Kathy Fleurissaint
Wechselnde Styles & Dozent*innen
Samstags 19:00 ‐ 22:00
*****Offenes Level

Rotation Class

Rotation Class is a class or a special time period in the course schedule that is attended regularly by new teachers. That means styles as well as teachers are changing quickly. This gives us the opportunity to invite teachers who are not in Berlin permanently as they have a lot of dance projects all over the world.

However, in order to include kind of a regularity we scheduled the rotation class on every Saturday evening calling them master class or special class.

Master Class & Special Class

A master class is between a dance course and a workshop. Master classes are often for dancers with some experiences and therefor we advise to take part if you are intermediate level or higher. Of course there can always be exceptions. Similar but not weekly classes are also called special classes.

Master class and special class have the same price as a normal class. So you can visit them using your contract, buy a single ticket for 12€ or set in a ticket for 5 or 10 classes. That is another difference to a workshop which costs more than a regular costs.

You find the special classes in our overview for workshops & events. Furthermore, our news page informs you about any news: weekly dance classes, workshops, special classes and more.

Sherry Holickz
Urban Freestyle, Hip Hop
Regular Teacher
Freestyle Hip Hop holickz crew Urban
Prince M.I.K. Ofori
Krump, Streetdance, Jugendarbeit
Regular Teacher
Hip Hop Krump
Biki John
African 'Naija' Dance Fitness
Guest Teacher
African Dance Naija Fitness
Jan Lachenmayer
Modern Zouk
Regular Teacher
Brazilian Afro Capoeira Contemporary Dance Modern Dance Modern Zouk
Kathy Fleurissaint
Regular Teacher
Dancers Workout Zumba

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