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By Lea Fierke
Thursday 17:00 – 18:30
Intermediate Pole

In my classes I start the class with a warm up that builds up my students muscles for all the pole tricks (pole figures) that we then want to train and learn.

In each level I make sure that no one gets hurt and I focus on each individual.
Pole acrobatics combined with dance is a great mix of strength & flexibility and body tension.

There are many good exercises for every physical constitution. Because every body is different; one has strength, the other more flexibility.
I like to help and support and I am happy about the success when my students come to my classes with a lot of fun and desire to train.

With the developed pole figures, different turns and dance elements can then be combined which I like to embed with music in a choreography.

For me it is important to have a good class atmosphere and then we end the class with a good moment together.
I love Pole!
Come and enjoy.



Beginner (1 star)

You are a newbie

Beginner (2 stars) 

You know some basics like climbing and seat. You are also already practicing tricks that are done upside down like outsideleghang and invert.

Intermediate (3 stars)

You have strength and endurance to hold on to the bar for a while and to connect basic tricks cleanly.

You can already do tricks like INVERT butterfly, superman, hero (or Jasmine), brass monkey, jade split, bird, you’re strong and got the stamina to dance on the pole for a while and combine BASIC TRICKS. You are able to do INVERT, butterfly, superman, hero (or Jasmine), brass monkey, jade split, bird

Advanced (4 stars) 

You are able to perform advanced and difficult tricks on the pole and have the stamina to master a complete choreography on the pole.

You have already mastered handspring, AYESHA, aerial invert, aerial SHOULDER MOUNT, aerial flying ballerina, etc.

Professional (5 stars)

You are able to combine pole tricks independently and are able to perform complicated combinations.

You can perform tricks like handspring variations, iron-X, deadlift, handstand variations, drops, flips, and more. You can independently connect pole tricks and are able to perform complicated combinations.


Please bring shorts and a sports top to your pole workout. A towel is also good.



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Lea Fierke
Pole, Choreography
Regular Teacher
choreography Pole



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