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Modern Lyrical Jazz

Mit Stella Caric
Donnerstags 17:00 ‐ 18:30
Lyrical Modern

In this class Stella focusses on a clear defined, basing, structuring, and technical training. There is a strong focus on foot and standing-leg technique in the parallel as well as in the turned out position in order to build up basics for all further complex movement patterns. Working on the alignment of your joints, building of dance specified muscle groups and precise, deep stretching you will achieve great progress if you take part regularly.

Although the technique part dominates you will have the chance to connect the exercises every time with your own emotionality. Stella also takes time to show how to interpret you movements and giving them an expression of your feelings.

After warm-up and a floor part you will work on turns, jumps and leg techniques, in the middle or across the floor. The choreography part takes about 25 of 90 minutes. Not often but from time to time there can be a lesson in which Stella focusses more on one special movement, a turn or a jump for what she will take time generously and less for the choreography.

Stella Caric
Dozentin, Choreografin, Geschäftsführung
Regular Teacher
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