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Modern Lyrical Basics

Mit Stella Caric
Freitags 18:30 ‐ 20:00
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In this class Stella will introduce you to the magic of lyrical jazz dance and shows the basic elements for different movements. Beside expression, presence, musicality and emotionality the class focusses also on muscle building of those muscles you need permanently as a dancer. With this development training of the right muscle groups you will be more and more able to learn technical complex structures. Precise stretching, especially of the deeper muscles, is an important part of the class. Longer movement exercises are taught across the floor.

In the end of the class you will work on a choreography that will be repeated and more and more completed in the following weeks. Not often but from time to time there can be a lesson in which Stella focusses more on one special movement, a turn or a jump for what she will take time generously and less for the choreography.

For all who want to step into this dance style Stellas beginners class is the ideal first step. However, for more experienced dancers Stellas class is a good possibility to repeat and stabilize basic movements.

Stella Caric - Modern Lyrical Kurs
Stella Caric
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