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Modern Jazz

By Kelvin O. Hardy
Tuesday 20:00 ‐ 21:30
Dunham Graham Horton Limon Mattox Modern

Modern Jazz for advanced dancers

I have developed a systematic approach to teach dancers to be multifaceted, adaptable and expressive. Through my 15 years in a controlled professional dance environment I have been able to observe and evaluate information that brings the above mentioned attributes into a clear and accessible process. Supported by anatomical knowledge my systems are a harmonious integration of relevant dance techniques, related movement techniques and body conditioning programs with high pedagogical value and are designed to give dancers optimal and qualitative versatility in the shortest possible time.
By defining common elements and the most important distinctive characteristics of many traditional and contemporary dance techniques, my teaching systems allow young dancers to quickly grasp useful essentials. My methods are compatible in a classical dance education.

They prepare students for choreographic, mainstream or obscure innovations due to the fusions that are a process of all art forms looking to the future. However, these systems are also effective when used independently.

Kelvin O Hardy Modern Jazz


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Kelvin O. Hardy
Modern Dance
Regular Teacher
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