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Lyrical Jazz

Mit Selma Hoffmann
Dienstags 18:30 ‐ 20:00
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The lyrical jazz dance class by Selma Hoffmann is for intermediate dancers.

Selma starts with a dynamic, powerful warm-up including strength and muscle exercises. Then you will work on technical elements like Pliès or Tendues as well as on isolations and other technique based figures. As it is for advanced dancers Selma is focussed on an accurate performance and transition of her exercises. Working on details you can improve your technique while Selma ist giving you instructions and helps you understand the components better.

In the end Selma will teach you a choreography so that you can transpose the technique into a fluent movement. This gives you a better understanding of your own body work and connect the basic movements with the emotion of dancing.

The choreography changes regularly so that you can step into the class every time.

Kurs Jazz bei Selma Hoffmann im Tanzstudio motion*s
Selma Hoffmann
lyrical Jazz Dance
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