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Lyrical Funky Jazz

Mit Sonia Bartuccelli
Mittwochs 17:00 ‐ 18:30
Funky Jazz Lyrical

Sonia Bartucelli pass on her passion for dancing in every dance lesson. Her aim is that her students learn a solid technique as well as that they know how to connect precise movements with an emotional expression. Her teaching style is calm but motivating while she challenges her students step by step to their maximum.

Her style is a fusion of jazz and urban – sexy, commercial but also lyrical and emotional.

Every lesson is a surprise as Sonia includes every type of mood and feelings, from musical, modern, funk, emotional or sexy.

Kurs Jazz Funky Lyrical - Sonia Bartuccelli
Sonia Bartuccelli
Lyrical Funky Jazz & Commercial
Regular Teacher
Funky Jazz Lyrical

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