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By Rocio Pez
Tuesday 20:00 – 21:30
*****Open Level
Funk Locking Social Dance

Locking Dance with Roció


The locking class is aimed at all the people who want to have fun and enjoy the best funk music. We will learn the basic steps and how to dance with them and their variations, creativity, musicality, speeds and coordination. 


What is Locking?

Locking was created around the late 60s/early 70s by Don Campbell. It stemmed from the different soul and funk dances of that era. The TV show, “Soul Train” featured dancers that did this social dance. It is a Funk dance style mixed with street dance styles of that time. is a combination of fast and distinct arm and hand movements with more relaxed hips and legs. The movements are generally large and exaggerated, and are often very rhythmic and closely synchronized to the music.



Please register for this class in our class calendar. Here you can book specific dates and you can also pay online. If you are a contract member of motion*s the booking is free of charge for you. Be at the studio about 15 minutes prior to the start time and sign in for the class at the front desk. More questions you might have you'll find answers to in our FAQ.

Rocio Pez
Funk Stylez
Regular Teacher
Funk Styles HipHop Locking Popping



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Locking then and now!

1976 Soul Train TV Show with “the Lockers”
Juste Debout Locking Final Battle

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