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By Esmir Srdanovic aka "Tide"
Sunday 17:30 – 19:00
*****Open Level
Krump Krumping

Krumping Class by Esmir aka. Tide

This weekly class on sunday evening is for people who want to get to know the true essence and culture of Krump.
Krump is expressive, technically very demanding and real. The dance has been around since 2002 and has seen rapid development, which I would like to take up with you. It is not only important to learn Krump basics, but also to understand, feel and give meaning to the movements, because in Krump we tell stories in the form of dance. The basics in Krump are like letters in the language we are learning and I’ll show you how to use them to form sentences.


“My goal is to create such a relaxed atmosphere that you can get out of yourself and I can get the best out of you. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced Krumpers. The routines are kept simple and always relate to the topic of the day. A perfect course to rediscover your body and to radiate feelings in dance.  ”


Class structure

After the warm-up, exercises and drills of the basics follow. Every day takes on a new topic with new approaches and exercises for freestyle, as well as learning routines. At the end we usually do a freestyle session where the different exercises can be used.


Krumping is a very fast, expressive freestyle dance, which is essentially made up of “stomps”, “chestpops” (let your chest jump up in a flash), and “armswings” . In addition, there are so-called “ground moves” that take place on the floor, but which differ greatly from breakdancing, and “puzzles” that are reminiscent of the Tutting dance style. The Krump dancers tell stories with their movements, which is also known as “Taunts”. This type of dancing is often interpreted as aggressive or as a reduction in frustration that arises from social grievances that are perceived as unjust. The founders of Krump themselves (Tight Eyez, Big Mijo, and others) and most of the dancers see Krumping as a street version of prayer, so they interpret their dance as worshiping / praising God. In addition, the dancers do not try to put on a show when krumping, but rather dance themselves into an emotionally charged state, which they call “buck” or “amped”, and which in very rare cases resembles a trance. Krumping is mostly danced on the street, but sometimes even in churches and is “interactive”, the audience is involved in the action and encouraged to participate. There are also battles, i.e. dance competitions between different crews. These are called “fams” (families) by the Krumpers.



Please register for this class in our class calendar. Here you can book specific dates and you can also pay online. If you are a contract member of motion*s the booking is free of charge for you. Be at the studio about 15 minutes prior to the start time and sign in for the class at the front desk. More questions you might have you'll find answers to in our FAQ.

Esmir Srdanovic aka "Tide"
Regular Teacher
Krump Krumping



Language of instruction

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