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By Lucia Matzke "Sista Tide"
Thursday 20:00 – 21:30
*****Open Level

Krump with Lucia

What is Krump?

Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise – K.R.U.M.P.

Krump often appears aggressive at first glance, as many of its characteristic movements are performed with a certain harshness and explosiveness. “Stomps,” for example, are reminiscent of a stomp that could be associated with anger. “Jabs,” on the other hand, resemble a quick punch. This harshness inherent in the dance is due, in part, to its origins.

Krump is a dance style created in the early 2000s by young people who were looking for a dance form in which they could express repressed feelings. The circumstances in which Krump was created were marked by experiences of racism and discrimination. The style and culture of Krump is an outlet for the dancers to process, express and reflect repressed feelings. While some dance styles were predominantly taught in dance schools and were/are therefore only accessible to certain people, dance styles such as hip-hop and krump (often also called street dances) find their origin outside of institutions. How is such a dance taught? Within the Krump culture, but also in Hip-Hop, there are clear structures and rules that ensure that the culture and knowledge are always passed on to the next generation. In the Krump there are so-called Fams- short for families. Here, not only dance knowledge is passed on, but also values and life experiences are shared. “Each one teaches one” means that everyone can and should teach something to everyone else.

Curious? Here you can find more information about Krump history and culture.


KRUMP Lessons

Krump is not just a dance technique, but a world in itself. In order to fully immerse ourselves in the style and its culture, the class will focus on the history of the dance style, as well as explore the basic steps and concepts of the dance style together. The focus will be on releasing and feeling our own emotions – how they move us and how movements can in turn evoke feelings. There are certain basic steps or basics, but the exact execution and rather the intention behind it as well as interpretation must be designed individually. What do you want to tell with your dance? What is the meaning behind (your) movement?


Content And Structure

After a dynamic warm-up, we start the class with the Krump Basics, which we then deepen with different Krump Freestyle concepts. Sometimes we link single basics to short combos, but this class is not a choreo class. Rather, we try to internalize the basics together and develop an individual movement language. Feeling and atmosphere also play a big role. At the end of the class, participants can exchange ideas in a session.



A Krump session is about going beyond oneself. The person dancing is cheered on by the bystanders. Through this hype, there is an intense exchange of energy that allows the dancers to overcome their own physical or mental limitations. The hype is not reduced to acknowledging particularly blatant moves by cheering them on, as is common in other urban styles. The spectators are part of the dialogue. The person dancing gives something, the audience responds with hype, and so the energy builds higher and higher. The climax in such a session round is called Get-Off. As if in a kind of trance, Krump dancers do things that they themselves did not believe they were capable of.



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Lucia Matzke "Sista Tide"
Regular Teacher
Freestyle Hip Hop Kindertanz Krump



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