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Modern Lyrical Jazz

Mit Janika Neuberger
Sonntags 14:30 ‐ 16:00
Jazz Lyrical Modern
Here you can learn calmy the technical basics of modern lyrical dance

Janika takes time to show every dancer a solid base of dancing technique. You start the class with a detailed warmup with isolations and muscle building so that your body gets ready for a deep muscle and back stretch.

Afterwards you will work on technical exercises such as pliés and tendus. Across the floor elements will prepare you for the choreography.

In the end you will combine the new learned elements in a choreography. In order to deepen the choreography you will work on the same one for four weeks.

Kurs Jazz Modern Lyrical Anfaenger Janika
Janika Neuberger
Modern Jazz Lyrical
Regular Teacher
Lyrical Modern

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