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Hip Hop Yoga

Mit Natalia Zieleniecki
Mittwochs 09:00 ‐ 10:00
Samstags 10:30 ‐ 12:00
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Hip Hop Yoga
What is hip yoga about?

The modern, urban life in a big city combined with old, traditional elements of yoga and the groove and life style of hip hop. Freedom and unity are two core aims of yoga and that’s why we think it perfectly fits to hip hop.

Natalia wants to break with the cliché that yoga is no fun with the vibe of the music. You won’t become a break dancer in this class but there are much more parallels then you might think.

In this very intense training of 90 minutes there is enough time for muscle work, stretching, mindful breathing and balance exercises. And of course there is a part just to relax.

Let’s add to the Om a Yo!


Hip Hop Yoga mit Natalia Zieleniecki
Natalia Zieleniecki
Hip Hop Yoga
Regular Teacher
Hip Hop Yoga

Hip Hop Yoga vereint die positiven auf Respekt basierenden Lebenseinstellungen der beiden Kulturen. Mit Hilfe von Soul und Hip Hop Musik vereinen sich in dieser Stunde Ost und West zu einem spirituellen Flow.

Natalia Zieleniecki

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