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High Heels

Mit Sonia Bartuccelli
Dienstags 20:00 ‐ 21:30
High Heels Jazz Lyrical
Dancing in Heels is sexy but it has to be learned

This class is not only for intermediate dancers. Also dance beginners with some prior knowledge are very welcomed! You wear comfortable clothes and dance with naked feet or in high heels, just as you like.

After a warmup you learn how to present groovy and vibrant movements in high heels so that every heart will skip a beat. Dancing in higher shoes let us feel sexy and self-confident. Furthermore it helps to transfer this self-awareness and security into our everyday life and to walk safety in high heels.

The style is coming from the USA and deals with the different lines of your body, the expression of your movements and focusses on self-confidence and sensuality.


Sonia Bartuccelli - Jazz High Heels Klasse im motion*s
Sonia Bartuccelli
Lyrical Funky Jazz & Commercial
Regular Teacher
Funky Jazz Lyrical

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