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By Patrizia Bieri
Thursday 18:30 ‐ 20:00
*****Open Level
Contemporary Fusion Jazz Modern Sensuality Voguing

Fusion by Patrizia Bieri

The focus of Patrizias’ Jazz Fusion class is on technique, musicality, performance and the connection to one’s own sensuality.

Due to her versatile background as a dancer, influences from various styles such as jazz, contemporary, commercial and voguing flow into her dance. In their warm-up, the body is prepared for the lesson through isolations and various waves, grooves and stretches. Subsequently, in a technical sequence, a short routine through the room, the dancers work on the necessary technique.

Patrizia puts great emphasis on the technique being learned and developed in a dance-like manner, so that these routines also have a certain performative character, giving the students the opportunity to combine the technique with the own and unique quality of movement of each body. In the second half of the lesson, a choreography is learned, where not only the musicality, but above all the access to one’s own movement quality and sensuality is trained.

Her choreographies and dance are based on a concept of fluidity, meaning that the steady internal flow of energy initiates and guides the movements. Each body has its own way of interpreting movements, and Patrizia wants to promote this access to the dance-like expression of one’s own personality in each student.



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Patrizia Bieri
Commercial & Fusion
Regular Teacher
Commercial Contemporary High Heels



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