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ALIVE - experimental movement journey

By Muse
Wednesday 18:30 – 20:00
*****Open Level

ALIVE – experimental movement journey

Alive is an embodiment movement journey where I create a held container for the participants to explore what being alive feels like in their bodies moment to moment. Exploring movement supported by breath, sound, visualization and touch as a way into embodiment.
My goal is to give the participants tools to explore and connect to their unique ways of experiencing aliveness through their bodies.
I fully believe that the more embodied and connected to our body‘s wisdom we are, the more we come into our fullness and can access our full potentials, our full aliveness and connectedness to the world and life itself.
Alive is an intuitive journey that is never planned ahead but always comes from sensing into what is right and needed moment to moment, making each journey unique. Each journey is accompanied with a carefully curated playlist supporting the energies that are present in the room with music ranging from ambient, classical to experimental and techno.

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