Dancehall with Swaggi Maggi - motion*s


Thursday 10:30 – 11:00
*****Open Level
Dancehall Jamaikanische Folklore

Dancehall by Swaggi Maggi for Intermediate Level

This class is for everyone who wants to improve their Jamaican Dancehall technqiue, no matter if man or woman. Especially men shouldn’t be shy to come as the focus is on dancehall steps that come from Jamaican men.

You will learn all styles of dancehall: basics from oldschool and middleschool dancehall as well as the technical challenging newschool contents. Male and female dancehall steps are part of this class as well as techniques for body isolations and coordination. If the class wants Maggi can also show some traditional folk dance steps from Jamaica that come from west african dances. Maggi is stylish moves teacher what is a subcategory of dancehall focussing on stylish female moves.

This class contains mainly teaching of styles and technique as dancehall bases on single moves that have different meanings that Maggi wants to show her students.

Using this movements there can be choreographies but there is not one choreography per lesson.

Dancehall is a worldwide unique dance culture that is lived and created in Jamaica where Maggi goes regularly since 2011 to learn more and more about this style of dance. Her aim is to get her students in touch with the Jamaican dancehall culture and to understand not only the steps but also the background of this amazing dancing.

Dancehall und jamaikanische Tanzkultur lernen bei Swaggi Maggi


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