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By Lena Strützke
Saturday 16:30 ‐ 18:00
*****Open Level
Contemporary Zeitgenössisch

Contemporary with Lena Strützke


Dance is something that brings people together and is one of the oldest traditions worldwide to celebrate.
I would like to work with this idea and let every person find their own groove within themselves.
I like to work with metaphors and visual imagination to explore different movement languages to later form them into choreography.
My dancing and my teaching is inspired by my three year contemporary dance education as well as my training in hiphop and the club culture in which I found my passion for House and electronic music.
The class has is main focus on groove and flow in musicality, dynamic of movement and awareness.
As a warm up, I like to work with improvisation elements, articulation of the body and rhythm to explore all the possibilities in which we can express ourselves as an individual or in a group.
To train awareness we will learn how to sharpen our focus, play with body sensations and learn how to use the music as a guidance or even as a partner.
My choreographic work is spontaneous, various in style and inspired by the group I am working with. In this way it doesn’t loose its uniqueness and the quality of the people I am with.
I like to challenge myself and my students in moving out of comfort zones and exploring new ways.
My aim is to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels like they are appreciated and open to receive, learn and grow.
But mostly to have fun.



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Lena Strützke
Regular Teacher
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