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Contemporary Improvisation

By Laura Freudenberg
Saturday 17:30 – 19:00
*****Open Level
Contemporary Imrovisation

Contemporary Improvisation

This class combines guided improvisation, release technique, floorwork elements and set combinations. The class starts with a gentle guided improvised warm-up, which consists of different exercises. This allows us to tune into our body and its condition and to become aware of the space around us. Following this, free and flowing movement qualities develop into strengthening and invigorating exercises. These are complemented by stretching the appropriate muscle groups.
In the second part of the class we work on technical skills and understanding in set combinations. These combine elements from different contemporary techniques such as release-technique, countertechnique and floorwork. Not only the technique is transmitted, but also coordination, change of movement dynamics and quality is practiced.
The last part of the class consists of an open structure, in which we work out compositions in groups. For this we use the previously learned and practiced elements.
With this class I want to strengthen the connection with our bodies, the fellow dancers and the space around us.
How can we communicate and create connections without words while learning to let go and build trust in our bodies?



Please register for this class in our class calendar. Here you can book specific dates and you can also pay online. If you are a contract member of motion*s the booking is free of charge for you. Be at the studio about 15 minutes prior to the start time and sign in for the class at the front desk. More questions you might have you'll find answers to in our FAQ.

Laura Freudenberg
Jazz & Modern Dance
Regular Teacher
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