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Contemporary Dance

By Carmel Köster
Friday 18:30 ‐ 20:00

Contemporary Dance for Beginners

Carmel’s classes range from contemporary to Hip Hop with emphasis on physicality, dynamics, texture and movement efficiency. A major focus point and aim in her classes is exploring the dancers own identity with the help of choreography and improvisational tasks.

This is contemporary dance class suitable for anybody interested in dance no matter of previous background. Experience in contemporary dance is not needed in this beginners class.

The class will focus on finding efficiency in movement, exploring the dynamics and qualities of the body and finding your style through that.

The class is a progressive 90 minute session where we start with an active yoga and martial arts influenced warm up. We then move on to exersise combinations across the floor that will focus on building co-ordination, core strength through floorwork as well as improvisational tasks. The last 40 minutes will be dedicated to picking up choreography as well as developing performance skills. We finish off with a short stretch and cool down.

The focus of the class is to find an open minded approach towards movement in connection with music. It is a contemporary approach to dance and therefor a big mix of various styles and influences which compose the contemporary reality.

The class is physical and demanding but definitely enjoyable and fun. I try give as much personal feedback to my students as possible so everybody can progress to their full potential.

My background as a dancer is very varied. I have trained and taught in streetdance styles such as hiphop, house, ragga, voguing. I have also studied classical ballet, jazz and various modern dance techniques like Graham, Limon, Horton, Cunningham. Recently I have found a lot of inspiration from Gaga technique and Labans theory on movement (choreology) which I studied at the Laban Conservatoire in London. So I would say my class draws inspiration from all of these diciplines and combigns them to create new and exciting ways of thinking about dance.

My main aim as a teacher is to make my students feel confident and to bring out their individuality and full potential as a mover. I am not nessecarely interested in everybody looking and dancing the same. I put a lot of emphasies on technique but after that I want the students to find their own style and groove.



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Contemporary Dance
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