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Ballet Conditioning

Mit Adrian Navarro
Sonntags 10:30 ‐ 12:00
*****Offenes Level
ballet Floor Work
Ballet Conditioning – Streching, Workout, Placement

Ballet Conditioning connects alternative training elements such as somatic practices, yoga elements and for dancers specialized exercises from pilates in a full-body-concept and workout and puts these different practices in connection with elements of the classical ballet.

This class is for dancers from all levels and all styles who want to improve their strength, agility and placement. Also for those who had a longer break and who want to re-start their dancing, this course gives the ideal basement.

Even if you just want to enjoy a longer workout that is specialized on muscles that are often ignored you are just right here!


Ballett Floorwork mit Adrian Navarro
Adrian Navarro
Tänzer, Choreograf & Ballettlehrer
Regular Teacher
Ballet Conditioning ballet Barock Spitze

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