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motion*s Professional Card

discounts for professional dancers and stage artists

Discount for professional dancers and stage artists.

The professional discount is intended to give performers a lower price for training. Too often, professional dancers and stage artists are not well paid, that’s what the discount is for. In addition, professionals have put a lot of energy into the art in the course of their education and should be rewarded. If you actually have a well-paid office job, then we ask that you please pay the regular price. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the Professional Card?

The Professional Card is a personalized laminated membership card that you must present at the front desk when you attend a training session at motion*s in order to receive our professional discount. Professional dancers receive a 10% discount on contracts and multi-class tickets, as well as 25% on single class tickets (9€ instead of 12€).

Who is eligible for the Professional Card?


If you fulfill and can prove at least two of the following criteria, we can issue you with a motion*s Professional Card.


  • Completed training in dance, musical, drama
  • Currently in training for dance, musical, drama
  • Member of the “Künstlersozialkasse”
  • Registered at the tax office as an independent dancer/choreographer
  • Active professional activity in the field of dance, musical, drama,
  • Digital dance/musical portfolio (website, artist profile, Youtube/Vimeo Channel)


To receive the Professional Card we require a fee of 9€ to cover administration costs. This fee must be paid in cash when you collect the Professional Card at the front desk.

How to apply for the Professional Card

1. Please fill out the application form and attach at least one additional document proving your status as a professional.

2. Please provide a portrait photo where your face is clearly visible. The photo needs to be the size of a standard passport photo (ca. 3,5 x 4,5 cm).

3. Please hand in the application complete with all the required documents (photocopies of official documents, photos and the application form). Please note that we only accept full and complete applications.
There are three options for submitting your application:

1) Hand in all documents at the front desk
2) Send your application by post: motion*s Tanz,- und Bewegungsstudio / Stella Caric GmbH, Prinzenstr. 85 B1, 10969 Berlin
3) Send your application by e-mail to

4. After we receive your application and have checked it through, we will notify you by email when you can collect your card from the front desk. This can take up to three weeks, until when you will need to pay the normal fees for our classes.

Contact for questions about the Professional Card

For any questions about the Professional Card, please send an email to


For members of our old system

We are in the process of replacing the old Professional Dancer registration system, so please reapply by the 31.12.2017. Professional dancers on the old registration system can still receive a discount until the end of the year 2017. If you want to continue benefitting from the Professional Discount after the 01.01.2018, please apply for the new Professional Card as soon as possible. The old system will be deleted in 2018.

Application form for the Professional Card.
You can also pick up a copy of the form at the front desk in the studio.

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