Fees and Conditions for dance training at motion*s dance studio Berlin

Prices and Conditions for Dance Lessons

Apart from our contracts that you pay for on a monthly basis we offer you the possibility to stay flexible with our 5 or 10 classes ticket. You can also pay for every class individually. Though with the multi class tickets as well as a contract you will save money. We also have special conditions for professional dancers.

Fees and Conditions

Regular dance lessons

Single ticket 60 minutes class – 12 €

Single ticket 90 minutes class – 14 €

Single ticket reduced (for pupils, students, trainees …) – 12 €

Set of 5 tickets (valid for 2 months) – 60 €

Set of 10 tickets (valid for 3 months) – 110 €

4-week dance flat rate – 148 €

Jam sessions / free training – 3 €


Trial Classes

Trial Class for adults (60+90 minutes) – 11 €

1. Trial Class for Kids & Teens- 9,00 €

2. + 3.Trial Class for Kids & Teens- 10,00 €

Try Out Classes are only the first class that you try out in our studio, not for each class. Children and teenagers can take up to 3 trial lessons and pay individually, after that we insist on signing a contract. 


Gift vouchers

3 classes gift voucher – 36€

5 classes gift voucher – 60€


Price reduction for professional dancers and trainees of stage art

Single ticket – 9 €

Set of 10 tickets (valid for 3 months) – 85 €

Fees with contract

Dance classes for adults


39,90 € – 1 class per week

69,90 € – 2 classes per week

99,90 € – 3 classes per week

118,00 € – Dance how often you want with our dance flat rate


Dance classes for children and youths


36,90 € – 1 class per week

66,90 € – 2 classes per week

Contract Conditions

All prices are included 19% value-added taxes. We don't take EC or credit cards.

The contract has a minimum term of 4 months. If you wish to cancel your contract after the four months please do that withing a cancellation period of 6 weeks before the end of the four months. Missed courses have to be noticed (via email) and can be made up within 4 weeks.

For more contract details please read our AGBs carefully. (We are sorry that we currently only have our terms in german. We are working on that)

Price reduction for contracts and set tickets
10 % – for siblings, pupils, students, trainees and professional dancers as well as for colleagues from the Aufbau Haus.
15 % – for year-round advanced payment
Just one reduction per person.
Here you find our terms and conditions for member contracts

Beside monthly paid contracts we offer the opportunity staying as flexible as you need with our set tickets of 5 or 10. Our courses can be visited and paid one by one, as well. A long-term a contract will save you money as you get the best conditions. For children's classes and classes for professional dancers we have special conditions.
All prices are including 16% VAT. Prices. Fees valid from October 2019.

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