Preise und Konditionen für Tanzunterricht im motion*s

Prices and conditions

In addition to our contracts, we also offer you the possibility of remaining flexible with our dance cards. Our courses can also be attended and paid for individually. In the long term, however, a contract is worthwhile, as you will receive the best conditions. Special conditions apply for children & teens, pensioners and for professional dancers.


11 € | Trial dance lesson

15 € | 13,50 € Single ticket 90 minutes

14 € | 13 € Single ticket 60 minutes

65 € | 60 € 5-dance-card
Valid for 2 months

130 € | 120 € 10-dance-card
Valid for 3 months

150 € | 135 € 4 weeks dance flat rate

Trial lessons are only valid for the first participation in the studio, not per new course. Reduced prices apply to pupils, students, pensioners, people with disabilities, trainees and recipients of social benefits and are granted upon presentation of an ID or BerlinPass. 

All prices listed here are inclusive of 19% VAT.


11 € | 1.Trial dance lesson

11 € | 2.Trial dance lesson

11 € | 3.Trial dance lesson

Children and young people can take up to 3 trial lessons, each of  it must be paid individually. After that, we insist on the conclusion of a contract.

All prices listed here are inclusive of 19% VAT.


10 € | Single ticket

90 € | 10-dance-card
Valid for 3 months

Professional dancers and trainees of the stage arts. In order to receive the professional discount at our studio, you must apply for a professional card that identifies you as a professional dancer.

All prices listed here are inclusive of 19% VAT.


40 € | Voucher for 3 dance classes

65 € | Voucher for 5 dance classes

130€ | Voucher for 10 dance classes

All prices listed here are inclusive of 19% VAT.


Dance classes for adults

from 16 years on


45 € | 1 course per week

75 € | 2 courses per week

110 € | 3 courses per week

135 € | Dance flat rate
dance as much as you can

All prices listed here are inclusive of 19% VAT.

Dance courses for children and young people up to 16 years


40 € | 1 course per week

70 € | 2 courses per week

All prices listed here are inclusive of 19% VAT.


All prices include 19% VAT which will be passed on to the tax office.

The contracts have a minimum term of 4 months or 4.5 months if the contract is concluded in the middle of the month. There is an obligation to terminate the contract. The notice period is 6 weeks and notice can only be given at the end of a month. Missed courses must be declared and can be made up within 4 weeks.

This is only an extract. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before signing the contract.

Reduction for contracts

10 % For siblings, students, pupils, trainees, people with disabilities, pensioner and recipients of social benefits with BerlinPass as well as for colleagues in Aufbau Haus.
15 % For advance payment throughout the year.

Only one discount can apply.

Sign a new contract

Here you can download our membership contract and General Terms and Conditions (GTC) as a PDF. If you download and open the PDF first, you can easily fill it out on your computer.
Please complete and sign it and return it to us in the studio. There are 3 ways to do this:

1.  hand it in at the counter in the studio
2. by post to Stella Caric GmbH, Prinzenstraße 85B1, 10969 Berlin, Germany
3. by email to!

Vertrag für Kinder & Jugendliche Contract Adult