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Frequently asked questions

You still have some questions? Here you hopefully find all the answers you are looking for. If this is not the case, don't hesitate to email or call us.

All about Classes

Can I just come over or do I have to register before the class?

Please register beforehand for each class date in our class calendar. You have to register and create an account once and then you’ll be able to book any class as well as cancel them.
Please come 15 minutes before the class starts so that you have enough time to fill in your name into the participants list and to change your clothes. If you have any question in the studio, our team at the front desk is happy to help you.

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Which class / level is the right one for me?

We offer classes for all levels of dance experience. In our dance classes overview you can sort them by style and level of experience. The classification with the stars gives you a first orientation and helps that all participating dancers are more or less on the same level.


These are our levels:

***** OPEN LEVEL – no specific level. open to all levels of experience.

***** BEGINNERS – for all without any dance experience who want to learn a style from the beginning

***** ADVANCED BEGINNERS – for those who recently started dancing and have knowledge of basic techniques (1-2 years experience)

***** INTERMEDIATE – for dancers with several  (minimum of 2-3 ) years dance experience in said style

***** ADVANCED – for dancers with longstanding training experience and a strong technical understanding

***** PROFESSIONAL – for professional dancers only

For what age are the classes?

Basically, all adult classes are open for all ages starting at 16 years. If not, it will be specified in the description. For example our Urban 25+ class is for everybody of 25 years and older.
The kids and teens classes are for specific ages that you can see in the class schedule.

Can I take class as a non german speaker

Basically, the answer is yes. About half of our classes are both held in english and german. Some are held in english only because many of our teachers are international as well. For specifics please check the language info in the individual class page. Apart from that we encourage you to take any class you like, since most of learning is about watching the teacher and imitating the movement. If you have questions or don’t understand an instruction please don’t be shy to ask for an english explanation in class.

How can I know if a class is cancelled or substituted?

We inform you about short-term modifications  in our daily updated Class Calendar

Where can I put my valuables during the class?

You can take your valuables with you into the dance room as we assume no liability if something is stolen.


What does one class cost?

The trial lesson costs 9€. It is the price only for your very first lesson in our studio even if you try out another style or teacher.

Every single class costs 13€ / 11€ reduced.
We have a lot of ways for you to save money, either with a contract or with our multi classes tickets.
Here you find more information about our fees and conditions.

Can I pay by (credit) card?

You may pay with a credit card when booking your class online in our class calendar. Currently we do not accept card payments in the studio.

Do I need to have a contract?

No, you can sign a contract with us and profit from the lowest price per class. But you may also just buy a single ticket or chose our 5 or 10 tickets to save some money.

Is my contract limited to a certain class?

No, you can use your class credits for any adult class at motion*s. If you have a contract for children or youth your contract is limited to the chosen class. If you as a parent want your kids to change classes please e-mail us or fill out the form at the studios front desk.

Studio facilities

Can I take a shower after class?

Definitively. Our studio has changing rooms with enclosed showers.

Can I warm up or cool down somewhere?

Oh yes, you can. In our foyer we have a stretch area with a ballet barre and some other instruments.

Can I buy something to drink or to eat?

We provide free tab water as well as 1l water bottles you can purchase. Our friendly team at the desk & bar is happy to offer you other drinks such as smoothies, lemonade, juice or malt beer. Additionally you can buy some vegan power bars.

Get a better overview of the studio here.


What shall I wear?

In all classes you should wear something cosy in that you can move easily and you feel comfortable in.

Urban Dance, Hip Hop, House, Dancehall

Urban stands for casual, lose sport clothing and sneakers.
Please make sure your shoes are clean and don’t use shoes you are wearing outside.


Ideally you are wearing a ballet tricot and ballet slippers as it is helpful for working on your body posture and your feet.
If you don’t have a tricot or ballet slippers you can also dance in suitable clothes and with socks. Tight clothing is helpful as the teachers can see and correct you better.

Jazz Modern Lyrical

Comfortable clothes in what you can move easily and socks.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

We dance barefoot. Chose something comfortable to wear, maybe a belly top if you want or any other tight top so that you can see and correct your movements better.

Further Questions

Celebrate special events

Special events need a special environment and special dance projects need a special surrounding or training atmosphere.
We organize children’s birthday parties as well as specific dance workshops for smaller groups. We also help you to create an own choreography, if it is for a wedding, as a valentine’s present or for entrance examination. Interested? Here you get more information.


What is Fusion?

The term “Fusion” you will find at most relating to contemporary dance. Putting it briefly, fusion means that different styles are mixed up in one class. In this way new movements can be created and exciting choreographies are formed. One example is “Tribal Fusion Belly Dance” that blends Tribal Dance with Belly Dance.

What is JML?
JML is the short form for Jazz Modern Lyrical. Sometimes we use that short form to describe the category in wich we see jazz, modern and lyrical dance forms
What is a rotation class?

There is always reasons why a class is not held weekly by the same teacher. Still we want to offer you teachers that are not in Berlin to teach regularly. So we sometines have Slots in our class schedule that is reserved for Master Classes, Special Classes, Workshops often combined with Jams and Parties.

Master Class / Special Class

A master class or special class is an offer between a normal class and a workshop that doesn’t take place weekly. That’s why you will not find any master class in the general course schedule but under Events & Workshops overview. Master classes are addressed to experienced dancers, so you should be at a intermediate level at least. Furthermore master classes usually contain a certain focus what gives the opportunity to learn and work on skills much more intense than in a regular class. You can take part with your motion*s contract, as well as by buying a single ticket of 12€ or you can use your ticket of 5 or 10.

A special Class is pretty much the same thing.

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