Yeliz Pazar

Guest Teacher
House Locking Popping Urban Dance Voguing Waacking

Yeliz Pazar

*1988 in Wuppertal


With the origin in Urban Dance such as Hip Hop, House, Locking, Popping, Breaking, Waacking and Vogueing, Yeliz Pazar intergrates Contemporary and
Modern Dance to grow and develop her Style. She is a freelance Dancer, Choreographer and Danceteacher and her work includes
artistic, creative and performing activities. As a member of nutrospektif, she worked in Dance Theater Productions like
„c.o.r.e.“, „Columba Livia“ and „Cry|Sis“. Furthermore for other Productions for instance „Adams R.I.P.“/ Renegade.
Additionally Yeliz Pazar choreographs youth Projects and Theaterproductions such as „Paradise Lost“/ Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf „Dialog“ and „Körperpoesie“/ Alte Post Neuss.

She belongs to the permanent ensemble of Ladies Dance and is a member of the Bam Sistaz crew that won in Düsseldorf several times the “Global Skillz Show Contest”. Also, Yeliz is a Member of a French and German Waacking Crew called „M NUKA Waacking Flowers“.


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Workshops/Special Classes bei Yeliz Pazar


      Waacking by Yeliz Pazar
      Saturday, 30. September 201717:30 ‐ 19:30*****