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Wilhelmina Willie Stark

Afro & House Dance
Guest Teacher
African Dance Afro-House Contemporary Hip Hop House Voguing

Wilhelmina Stark, as called Willie, is an internationally renowned choreographer, dancer and teacher who earned her place in the dance scene. She is really active, choreographed a lot of shows in France and Germany, took part in a lot of European’s battles like Juste Debout World Championship Paris, also participated in several Tv shows.

A wide range of dance styles

House dance, Hip Hop, Voguing, Top Rock, Dancehall, Afro, Contemporary … When she performs, her first goal is to inspire people, touch the audience and share her love for dancing.


Willie has traveled extensively to perform on stage, judge battles and competitions, teach at dance camps and workshops.

France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Poland, The UK, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia …

People trust her judgment and decisions because of her urban background and knowledge.

She is also a permanent judge in the United Dance Organisation (Udo) tour in Germany.

Work Experience

Choreographer for shows

– Arnstein Dance Camp, Würzburg
– Urban dance show, Düsseldorf
– Duo Hip Hop & House, Düsseldorf
– House Dance Uk, Londres
– House Dance 4 Ever, Amsterdam
– Festival Step by Step, Lyon
– Back to the Culture event, Paris
– Tv Show Dance Street, Paris
– Opening of a fashion show at « La Bellevilloise Paris »
– Festival I love This Dance, Paris
– Festival Sexion Show Time, Paris
– Festival Printemps du Hip Hop, Paris
– Opening of a street art gallery, Paris

Theater work

– Currently working on a one hour dance piece, Düsseldorf & Berlin
« On Confluence » is about the groove in House dance. It’s a House dance piece mixed with
Contemporary concepts.
– Solo dance piece Fe(male) in one body & society, Köln
How to face social exhaustion and transform it into a female dance power ? By claiming and
celebrating movment and choreographer as an expedition.

Classes and coaching since 2013

– Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf
– Tanzstudio Sabine Nettler, Essen
– 8counts Tanzschule, Geldern


– Teens dance camp at Tanzhaus NRW with a
showing at the end of the camp, theme : gender
– School project in Düsseldorf, theme : female
gender and empowering women within the society
they live in
– Dance project, House descovery with a showing
at the end

Commercial jobs

– Psaiko Dino. Last video clip. Style : Hip Hop, Dancehall and voguing
– Jan Böhmermann. Tv show Neo magazin royal. Style : Voguing and Hip Hop
– Kid Paris Vintage clothing store. Style : Hip Hop and House
– Samira, French artist. Style : LA Style and voguing
– Fashion show for Lecoq Sportif


– Finalist TKO Battle (Germany)
– Finalist SDK Germany 1vs1 and 5vs5 (Germany)
– Winner battle Urban Jam
– Winner UniqueXpression battle (Germany)
– Finalist SDK Germany crew battle (Germany)
– Winner Break your limits battle (Germany)
– Participation to the Juste Debout World Championship in Italy
– Winner Show Yaa battle (Germany)
– Winner Elbcoast battle (Germany)
– Participation of the Juste Debout House World Championship in Paris (Quarter final)