Valentina Radmann - motion*s

Valentina Radmann

Regular Teacher
Commercial Contemporary Funk Hip Hop Jazz

Valentina has been dancing since she was five years old and was already on stage in shows and competitions as a teenager. After some theater productions, among others in Leipzig and at the Staatstheater Mainz, she graduated from the motion*s Dance Program in 2019/2020 and used the time to train intensively in very many styles. In the meantime she completes a contemporary dance education in Berlin.

Commercial, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and Contemporary belongs to her specialties, according to her own statement.

A wide range of movement qualities Valentina also wants to convey in her classes. Since she has been dancing, her teachers have always been her greatest inspiration and so she also wants to give her students something to take with them on their way, taking away the pressure of perfectionism in dancing and instead focusing more on the feeling and the intention in dancing.


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