Stella Caric - Tänzerin, Dozentin und Geschäftsführerin

Stella Caric

Teacher, Choreographer, Manager
Regular Teacher
Dancehall Hip Hop House Jazz Lyrical Modern

Stella Caric is the founder and managing director of motion*s dance studio Berlin.

motion*s was founded on the idea of creating a location dedicated to the culture of dance. With attention and an open-minded approach focused on the needs of dance and dancers, motion*s establish itself quickly within the dance scene and has grown from strength to strength since its founding.

Growing up in Berlin, Stella first experienced the magic of music, theatre and performance through her parents – the desire for her to dance and create was in her blood. Her creative and musical mother, Mizza Caric, moved to wild Berlin in the 80s with aspirations of performing and grew up surrounded by funk music. Her father, Thomas Römer, the gifted drummer of the fusion-herb rock band Munju, strongly influenced her sense of rhythm and gave her access to classical music, particularly through his work as a technical director at many large theatres in Germany – most recently at the Festspielhaus Baden Baden. Both encouraged her creative education and her ability to develop a feeling and an open ear for any kind of music.

In her youth, she was a member of the MMDancers and gained a comprehensive grounding in technical jazz and modern, as well as bring intensively trained in basic hip-hop styles. She was regularly cast for commercial shows and performances. Urban dance styles have naturally integrated themselves into her life. She discovered house dance in 2000 in New York and dancehall in 1996 during the long nights spent at Icon in Berlin.

She first began teaching at the age of 16 and at 22 she started teaching urban dance styles with a focus on hip-hop at the Academy of Performing Arts (, to which she remains very connected. As a founding member of the Friends of the Academy Association in 2014, she was able to lay the foundations for further joint projects, such as participation in the annual Carnival of Cultures.

Every year, she compiles a new class for the Academy and creates interdisciplinary graduation shows with different themes. This, and in particular the creation of scenic stage choreography, brings her a lot of pleasure.

In February 2005, her adorable daughter Lila Luna Maria Caric was born.

In 2006, Stella founded the independent music label, Edit (,, with 16 other music fans. With over 13 releases, the label is well established in the German rap and hip-hop scene, standing for music created with meaning and intelligence.

Since opening her dance studio motion*s in May 2012, she has not stopped and continues to teach alongside a wonderful team of talented instructors.

Once the weekly schedule and regular workshops found their rhythm, her next ambition was to set up an intensive program for those who want to integrate dance into their lives and strive for professional development. In harmonious collaboration with Lia Pavlidis and Nuria Höyng, the program was born in 2016.

For Stella, music is the reason for dancing. It allows for the development of one’s own language through movement, whether choreographed or freestyle, harnessing the music and atmosphere in the moment.

At motion*s she teaches classes in Modern-Lyrical Jazz and Urban dance. She teaches three levels in modern-lyrical jazz – from beginner to intermediate – as well as a class for the next generation (10-13 year olds).

Her lessons have a clear focus on technique and alignment, and she creates dynamic exercises that focus on the constitution and the ability to incorporate complex elements into dance. She also encourages her students to develop a strong feeling for expression and presence.

In her Urban class on Fridays, her focus is on footwork which, depending on the mood, comes to life through hip-hop, dancehall or house styles. The second is a dance-oriented course for over 25s that’s all about grooves and moves, and the fun of movement. Body workout is an integral part of this class. She also integrates her knowledge of therapeutic body styles, such as yoga and pilates, as it is important to her that her students understand how the body functions so that they are able to move in the healthiest and most effective way.



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