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Sophie Yukiko Melody

Guest Teacher
High Heels Vogue Fem Voguing

Following her mother’s footsteps, Sophie had been in dance training as far as she can think back. Her Mother Elisabeth-Clarke Hasters, once a dancer for the Harlem Dance Theatre, Bèjart and Pina, had send her to ballett class as soon as possible. Growing up in and surrounded by theatre and dance productions, shaped Sophies childhood.


Getting to know the urban dance world, ballett quickly became less interesting to sophie, as she learned about hip hop and house dance.

Meeting the team of Whogotskillz, she started taking Nu Style Classes as one of their Protegés.

By coincidence, she then found her way into the commercial dance business, without a performing arts degree, straight from the studio on to the stage.


Since 2009, she s been working as a professional dancer, dancing for nationally well known tv shows, artists and productions, travelling to Los Angeles and New York City to exchange with other performers and practice.


In 2014, she went back to her dancing heritage and the urban dance community.

After she met Georgina, the german Pioneer of ballroom culture and voguing dance, she had agreed to walk her first ball.

From there on, Voguing became the biggest and most important part of her dance life.

Sophie became an active member of the german Ballroom Community and part of House of Melody, the first german House.

Meanwhile, she also became part of the New Yorker House, House of Mulan. In 2018 she was deemed Godmother for the german Chapter of the house.


In her Voguing classes, Sophie teaches Vogue Fem, which also is her main category in ballroom.

Her experiences in her career, as well as in voguing, have given her a knowledge of heels control, a skill she also shares in her teaching.



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