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Soner Kacar

Urban Dance
Regular Teacher
Capoeira Footwork Hip Hop HipHop House Streetdance Waacking

Before Soner discovered his passion for dancing, he was active in music and singing. He played the piano and guitar and could be seen on one or the other stage at an early age. Through the ACADEMY stage arts school and later the motion*s, he came into contact with dance for the first time. Before that Soner trained Capoeira for seven years. He skipped several belts, participated in tournaments and brought an understanding of physical performance, athletic discipline and acrobatics. His analytical skills and newfound passion for dance helped him develop quickly which is reflected in his successful dance career.

Soner participated in the motion*s Dance Program in 2016/2017.  He also toured twice in Bulgaria with different dance theater pieces in which he was present both as a dancer and choreographer. He played the main role in the dance theater piece Notion – “Nightmares”, worked versatilely in the commercial scene, was booked as a dance model for smaller fashion shows and as an animator in big exclusive events for brands like Rittersport. He choreographed shows for various Berlin clubs and can be seen in several music videos, e.g. for Tora, Richard Spaven or Hundreds.

It was especially exciting for Soner to dance in the dance theater piece Carmina Burana (conceived by Christoph Hagel), which was accompanied by a live orchestra and thus united his two passions: music and dance. Together with Nikita Litvichenko, Soner is the founder and instructor of an online dance program called “Pump-Up-Intensive”.

In his versatility, he considers Hip Hop, House, Waacking and Experimental as his main styles. Feeling, fun, technique, perseverance and openness to new understanding are very important to him and conveys this in his classes. Students appreciate his precise corrections. His keen perception and analytical understanding are now also available to you in our evening class to grow faster in dancing.



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