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Solange Adjakoh

Regular Teacher
HipHop Martial Arts Twerk-Out Workout

About Solange


Solange Adjakoh has been part of the motion*s crew from the first day and is now back at the studio after a longer break. Born and raised in Berlin she started her physical education with martial arts and has won the Berlin Championship as well as the german Championship before she landed at the “Academy Bühnenkunstschule” a stage school for youth. This experience opened up the world of dance for Solange. She found a passion in urban dances like HipHop, Dancehall and Voguing.
At Academy she met motion*s founder Stella Caric, who took her under her wing and offered her a job at the new found dance studio. Eventually Solange started teaching herself and had a regular Dancers Workout class. During that time she was part of dance theater productions, music videos and stage performances. After a stay abroad she took a break from teaching and started again with martial arts.

Since 2017 she ist studying Cultural Sciences and Gender Studies at the Humboldt Universität Berlin.



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