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Sharine Martin

Children, Freestyle
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Children Freestyle Teens

I started dancing in my room. There I could give free rein to my showbiz. Inspired by music videos, imitating them dance-wise as well as character-wise was standard. As well as self-created dance shows for school competitions.
In addition, I trained Muay Thai at competition level for several years. As an entertainer I had further dance and acting training as well as imitating on stage.
Since living in Berlin, I learned about hip hop and pop choreography, couple dance Kizomba, yoga, approaches to bodywork, even more about body language and a dance culture I unconsciously longed for…Cyphern, which supports freestyle and promotes an entire community. Through this, I have been participating in various battles since 2019 and am steadily developing my own dance style in hip hop.
Through these different movement practices, I learned to tell or express my story in a very unique way.




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