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Pedram Yousefi

Guest Teacher
Breakdance Urban

How did I become the person I am today?

I grew up in Ahwaz, a city in the south of Iran. Breakdance only happened underground, as only traditonal dance was legal. Everybody who practiced hip hop was therefore treated like a criminal. Not only but especially in Iran breakdance equals social and spiritual revolution. Since I was a child I was fascinated by dance and acrobatics. I learned to be my own teacher and faced lots of violence when I was openly practicing breakdance at the streets: police violence, violence in school and even from the closest people. As I improved and felt able to teach others, I focused on solving one problem: There was no official and organized Breakdance community in Iran. First I worked on establishing Breakdance in the provincial areas, offered breakdance classes and organizing the first two official Breakdance battles happening in Iran. Nevertheless, I decided to leave Iran at the age of 19. Receiving a visit is hardly possible and I never got the chance to participarte in international dance events. My devotion for breakdance endangered my life and I left, in order to reverse this. Since I was recognized in Germany as a refugee I joined numerous breakdance crews and traveled europe, always keeping in mind my depiction of what breakdance means to me and society.


1. World Bboy Clasic -Battle
2. Body Germany 2015-Battle
3. Many of regional battles
4. World Powermove Series-Battle

Shows, Exchanges

1: HaBer (Havanna-Berlin) in Ciudad en movimiento: Danza Callejera 2016
2: Tanto theater
3: The Show Sensation – Theater at Potsdamer Platz – Berlin (Berlinnights 2017)

Moves and Skills:

Personal is political in my case. I want to make a political statement through my expression and dance.
I never thought that colour and my origin would be a problem. I went through a long process to realize this. It influenced me and the way I expressed myself, also in Breakdance. Unconsciously I increasingly valued the impact dance can have on peoples minds. In Europe I realized where I am and what kind of people and prejudices I was dealing with. I stand in for the right of movemnet, with our minds and body. I face rascism with my dance but also empower those, who already joined the aware dance community. I represent people of colour.
And the children who don’t have proper shoes to dance and still know how to inspire
themselves. Because inspiration is within oneself.

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