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Pedram Yousefi

Guest Teacher
Breakdance Urban Dance

Bboy Pedram is 28 years old and originally from Iran.

He has been dancing breakdancing for over 14 years and is also trained in other urban dance styles.

His specialty in dancing is power style.

Power style stands for dynamic movements that are made of a variety of interruptions and connections of the individual postures.

To achieve such a level in dancing, one needs a lot of individual poses, transitions and freezes, which are taught in his classes alongside to the basic steps (Top Rocks and Footworks).

His approach to teaching is:

Warm-up, stretching, choreographic training (different basic steps), the basics of breakdancing and finally an exchange of the learned elements in the context of a small battles or cyhers.

The Basic could also be used as individual elements in other dance styles to express yourself better with the music.

His class is open to all ages and works only for people who feel like moving their own body 🙂



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