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About Orchidaceae Urban Tribal dance company

Orchidaceae Urban Tribal is a dance company where Tribal Fusion Belly Dance meets Hip Hop inspired by Popping, Waacking, Vogue and Contemporary Dance. We try to melt the barriers of language, fusing our skills and knowledge through our different dance backgrounds. We are a collective of female dancers, artists, life lovers that work and think about the urban context and constantly seek the connection between several artistic strands. The definition of our work drinks of miscegenation of influences and crossroads of cultures.

We merge the traditional and modern, old and new, natural and built. We have the same passion for the stage as for informal presentation spaces such as streets, warehouses, factories and we move comfortably in both. We adapt to different realities with enthusiasm. We are natural freestylers.

Our family moves around the urban styles (Breakdance, House, Hip Hop, Capoeira, Waacking, Vogue and Tap), a more industrial and urban version of belly dance (Tribal Fusion Belly Dance) and Contemporary Dance.

We love to break stereotypes and be able to affirm our feminine side in several ways, never the same, just doing what we feel like to.

Moved by art our main expression is dance. We move with music and for the music.

Orchidaceae Family members

Piny Orchidaceae

She has her love rooted in Hip Hop, House, Waacking, Vogue and Breakdance since 2006. At he same time she started developing her work in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Contemporary Dance (degree she has finished in 2012). She is the artistic director of Orchidaceae Urban Tribal and works as a free lancer for different Contemporary Dance choreographers. With Leo and Lucia she started ButterflieSoulFlow in 2006, an all female Hip Hop crew.

Leo Orchidaceae

Her work focuses in Urban Dance Styles (Hip Hop, Popping, House Dance) and Tap Dance.
Waving master and footwork freak, she goes for musicality, feeling, groove and technique. She develops her own style using all these vocabularies and searching for fluidity and different movement qualities. With Piny and Lucia he started ButterflieSoulFlow in 2006, an all female Hip Hop crew.

Kenzi Orchidaceae

She explores the Tribal Fusion technique in a very singular way, working with musicality, virtuosity and elegance, using influences of Popping and Hip Hop. Beauty and power, she is Piny and Leo student for 10 years in different disciplines.
She is Piny’s assistant in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance classes.

Cookie Orchidaceae

Her main interests are Contemporary Dance and floorwork, where she works with her special smoothness and liquid movement qualities. She is the fluidity, the patient and hard working student of Hip Hop, House, Contemporary Dance, Capoeira and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Blue Orchidaceae

Breakdance master. She is an highly experienced Capoeirista and B-Girl. She moves between Hip Hop, House, Capoeira, Breakdance, Contemporary Dance and Afro Brazilian dances. She is part of the beginning of this group, with Leo and Piny in ButterflieSoulFlow, an all female Hip Hop crew.

Moony Orchidaceae

She started Bellydancing with Silvia and continued learning with Piny. Later she started being Leo’s student too and her dance vocabulary  became wider. She keeps bellydance as her big love, so she has the classical bellydance femininity and power. As a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer, she doesn’t loose her roots, adding all the new inputs.

Silvia Orchidaceae

Strong and powerful. She has been teaching Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for 8 years. She has a classical Bellydance background and develops a more classic Tribal Fusion Belly Dance style. She is an Architect and her dance shows it, in her love for shapes and geometrical concepts. She’s a technique master with a classical touch.

Mary Orchidaceae

The youngest of the company. Currently she teaches House Dance and Hip Hop. She recently finished her Contemporary Dance degree in University. She can go for a more classical vocabulary and she has worked in professional musical shows (exploring Jazz/ Cabaret). She is also a Vogue student and lover. She is the youngest at Tribal Fusion, but a very strong and powerful dancer.

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Classes with Orchidaceae Family

Workshops/Special Classes bei Orchidaceae Family

    House meets Tribal Fusion by Orchidaceae Family
    Friday, 11. May 201814:15 ‐ 16:15Silvia Orchidaceae & Lia PavlidisRegistration:*****
    Hip Hop meets Tribal Fusion by Orchidaceae Family
    Friday, 11. May 201816:30 ‐ 18:30Silvia Orchidaceae & Lia PavlidisRegistration:*****
    Breaking meets Contemporary Floorwork by Orchidaceae Family
    Saturday, 12. May 201813:15 ‐ 15:15Silvia Orchidaceae & Lia PavlidisRegistration:*****
    Vogue meets Tribal Fusion by Orchidaceae Family
    Saturday, 12. May 201810:30 ‐ 12:30Silvia Orchidaceae & Lia PavlidisRegistration:*****


    Contemporary Floorwork by Orchidaceae Family
    Sunday, 14. January 201817:30 ‐ 19:30*****
    House Dance by Orchidaceae Family
    Sunday, 14. January 201814:00 ‐ 16:00*****