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Nicole Adriana

Regular Teacher
expirimental Krump Waacking

Nicole, a native Berliner with Russian roots, has been surrounded by music since childhood. Starting with playing the piano and singing, she later discovered her passion for dancing and trained in various styles. Her main styles include Waacking, Experimental and Krump. In addition to her music and cultural studies, she traveled through Europe to learn from international choreographers to expand her knowledge. As a docent and choreographer, she shares her passion at events such as the Urban Stylez Festival in Bielefeld or the Guidance Workshops in Hanover. Whether in battles, music videos or on stage, dance paved the way for Nicole as a creative director and director of her own productions and thus led to various artistic projects in the dance and music scene.

Highlights als Tänzerin: „Il Cambise“ – Opera , Eunique – Giu Tour, About You Awards, ZDF Fernsehgarten, Google,Nike

Highlights als Choreographin: Accent Plazorm,Hype Festival, Helene Beach Festival, Global Citizen Festival, Afromania Festival, Sputnik Spring Break, Warner Music, Universal Music, Sony Music, Tommy Hilfiger Collectives: The Pynkbash The Way Improvisational Collective



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