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Natalia Zieleniecki

Regular Teacher
Natalia Zieleniecki teaches Hip-Hop Yoga in Berlin.

Over the last past few years, Natalia was always searching for answers to questions that she often could not quite describe. She tried to find explanations and answers rationally, thus driving her friends crazy. Until she discovered yoga.

In yoga, she finally found the connection between body and mind that helped her find answers from within. This has enabled her to achieve a state of inner and outer calm for which she is very grateful–much to the relief of her friends.

After the first yoga lesson, she already felt a change from within. For this reason, Natalia decided to study to become a yoga teacher, which she did at Lord Vishnus Couch in Cologne. Prior to her teacher training, Natalia studied media management with a focus on PR and participated in a lot of theatre. She often incorporates her love for music and acting into her teaching methods.

In addition to her classes at motion*s, Natalia is also a regular trainer at Nike Women.



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