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Melanie Toksoy

Hip Hop
Regular Teacher
Afro Hip Hop House Popping Urban

Melanie Toksoy aka. Melli

Melli started dancing in 2014 in Würzburg at the dance school “Dance Encore” and trained among others in the crew of Danny Shnayderman. Later she moved to Munich and learned different urban basics like House, Popping, Afro and HipHop in the “Moove Academy” – guided by Dani Torrey Cabello. With his crew Moove Family, she successfully participated in 2018 in competitions such as “World of Dance Berlin” or “Hannover Finals”.

Since April 2021 she lives in Berlin and trains in the crew of Nikita Litvichenko.

Besides choreography, she also trained in freestyle and gained a lot of battle experience.

Melli has been teaching classes for various age groups in different dance schools and youth centers since 2017.

Today she is still training in different styles through numerous camps, workshops and programs (SDA Poland, Fairplay, Shay Program, Moove Camp….).





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