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Who is B-Boy Ben-J?


Mbegne Kasse aka Ben-J, is a senegalese dancer who has been fascinated by the Hip Hop dance since childhood. He began practicing this urban dance by himself from 2000. He was a member of the crew “Break Med” in  Medina for a few years, then joined the “Crazy Elements”, a fusion of the crews “Freestylers” and “Kamikazz” in 2005. Despite the withdrawal of some members of the new crew, “Crazy Elements” continued its path. It lead to the Show “Petersen,” under the direction of Ben-J. He participated in many battles (danced confrontation), solo and in groups, in Dakar (Senegal) and its surroundings.

Crazy Elements won the National Battle – Hip Hop Dance (June 2007) sponsored by Didier Awadi (PBS Radikal), Thomas Hergenröther (Battle of the Year), and Ali Diallo (Ouaga Hip Hop) -also members

Jury – Organised by Kaay Fecc association. In this context, Ben-J has been selected for the Red Bull BC ONE, which took place in Johannesburg in South Africa on 22 September 2007. He has representing the community of Senegalese b boys and Senegal in one of the biggest international Break Dance competitions, category 1 vs. 1.

In 2008 he toured Australia with the best b boys in the world and attended the projection of the film “Turn it Loose” in Paris, a documentary on bboying, which follows the preparation of the BC One 2007, in which a section is dedicated to him.

Since 2008 he gives dance classes hip hop children of Empire des Enfants (Anta Mbow). He traveled through european cuntries such as France, The Netherlands and Germany for battles and workshops.


Dances Styles

Break Dance
Hip Hop (New Style)
Popping, Locking, House Dance
African Styles
Dance Africane Senegal, from Guinea Conakry, Gabon and Cote D’Ivoire
Contemporary and Krump training (in Senegal)

2006 – Training dance hip hop and jazz with Barbara Diop (France) hip hop dance -stage with Mathias (Crew Fantastik Armada, France)
hip hop dance-stage with Tony Mascott, teacher, founder of the first hip hop dance school in Paris, France
2007 – workshop with Storm (Germany) during the National Battle – Hip Hop Dance
2007 – workshop with Lamine Diouf, professor, founder of Vagabonds Crew, vice-world champions of the Battle of the Year 2002
2008 – courses traditional dances and rehearsals with the 5th Dimension Company
2009 – workshop with Azdine Benyoucef company Second Souffle during the Festival KaayFecc
-7 Weeks of training at the Ecole des Sables / Germaine Acogny Toubab Dialaw (open stage)
2010 – workshop with Juliana Longuinho Brazil from 9 to 16 June in the fabric Acrobatic dance
2011 – workshop Azdine Benyoucef company Second Souffle during the Festival Kaay Fecc with HIP HOP creation (Easterly)
2012 – Atelier at L’Ecole des Sables For a project Dutch War & Peace Patrick Acogny


2000 – debut hip hop dance (self-taught)
2000 – 2005: member of the crew Med Break
2005 – present: Member and head of the crew Crazy Elements
2008: teaches hip hop dance to underprivileged children in the Children of Empire 2009 – British Council competition Wapi
2010 – Africa Stars TV show
Festival Kaay Fecc (2005,2007,2009,2011,2013 and 2015)
2011 – Project Alizé (France / Senegal) show lasting 45 minutes
2012 – War & Peace Project (Netherlands / Senegal)
2013 – Games of the Francophonie (Nice / France)
2014 – Battle of the Year Senegal and Nigeria (Judge)
2015– Political Bodies Project (Germany)



Red Bull BC One 2007, South Africa
Red Bull Tour 2008, Australia
Turn it Loose The Documentary Film Hip Hop Release 2010 in Paris
A TV issuance in Munich / Germany Red Bull For 2010
Assalamoualeykoum Festvial of Mauritania for Workshop
72 hours of Senegal Hip Hop (Hip Hop event in his set-2008,2009 and 2011) with the crew Crazy Elements: 2008-2009
The Company Kaddu: 2011
Red Bull Bc One Cypher 2012
Red Bull Street Ball 2012 Benefit at Sea Plaza
Red Bull Bc one Senegal 2014
Come To the Dance Floor (House dance) Lyon/France


Representations / Battles
2011 Street Battle organized by Urban Vision
2009 National -Battle -Dance Hip Hop: semifinalist
2008 National -Battle -Dance Hip Hop: Finalist
100/100 Galsen at the French Institute
National -Battle -Dance Hip Hop Kaay Fecc
Opening Concert Didier Awadi at the French Institute
provision Senegal (Crazy Elements) – Guinea (Instinct Killers) to Hip Hop Awards

2006 -Battle Urban Dance organized by Martine Veronesi at Yengoulene
National -Battle – Dance Hip hop
Millenium Battle Rodrigue organized by the Cultural Centre Blaise Senghor – Hip Hop Awards in Independence Square
The Night Winners (Hip Hop Awards)
Anniversaire Accrorollers of Thies 2005
Festival Kaay Fecc, 3rd edition, House of Culture Douta Seck
Battle Nescafé at the Cultural Centre Blaise Senghor – Millenium Battle at the Cultural Centre Blaise Senghor Sicap – Battle AGO organized by B-Boys Dance

Battles won

Street Battle 2009-2010 and 2011
2007 National Battle (1)
Battle Hip Hop Awards 2006 (1)
National Battle Kaay Fecc 2006 (1st & 2nd in 2vs2) Millenium battle 2006 (3rd)
Battle Clash Again 2006 (1st in 3vs3 and 6vs6) Urban Dance Battle 2006 (3rd)
Battle Sicap AGO 2005 (1)
Festival Kaay Fecc 2005 (3rd)
Revelation 2005 Millennium Battle City Battle 2011
Battle Of The Senegal 2014

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Classes with Boy Ben-J

Workshops/Special Classes bei Boy Ben-J


      African Styles Workshop by Boy Ben-J
      Wednesday, 27. December 201714:00 ‐ 16:00*****
      African Styles Workshop by Boy Ben-J
      Sunday, 23. April 201714:00 ‐ 16:00*****