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Martin Bacik

House & Floorwork
Regular Teacher
floorwork House

Martin Bacik is a performing artist, dance educator & movement artist.
He is a member of the dance company/crew “The Soul Searchers” (Paris, FR) & current trainee of the RhythmMetrics method by Sekou Heru.
He participated for 2 years in the Juste Debout School Pro Formation, which gave him a deep basic understanding in dance styles: Hip Hop, House, Popping & Locking.
This experience of learning from France’s elite opened him a new world and a demand to dive even deeper into the musical & physical understanding.
That’s why he decided to participate in various movement seminars, to further his education & finally became a trainee of the RhythmMetrics method.

Martin has specialized in the dance style House & Floorwork.
The eye-catching feature of his dance is his fluid movement quality, which allows him to unite his rhythmic footwork with his groove & stay in a steady flow.
His love for music & dance is what drives him and fulfills him.
He enjoys sharing this love of culture in his classes & conveys a deep understanding in the process.



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