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Marisa Akeny

Guest Teacher
Breakdance Funk Popping Soultrain

Marisa Akeny aka. Marizla

Marisa Akeny started Popping and Breakdancing in 2005 mostly as an autodidact. Together with Stella Caric, Nicola Rost, Abra Kennedy, Miriam Knobbe and Nuria Höyng she formed the female dance crew “Dizzy Issues” in 2007, where they mixed together a variety of dance styles. Since it was the funk that got Marisa dancing she simultaneously started out as a DJ first as S.h.i.h (she) today as Marizla. She is regularily spinning at dance battles, parties and events she organises herself like “Cool Whip”.

Since 2008 Marisa Akeny has been dancing and choreographing for the Berlin Band LAING with whom she went on numerous tours and took part in the german preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest (BuViSoCo 2012). The band was also awarded with a golden record in 2012 and took part in another Eurovision Song Contest Preselction in 2015.

In addition, she teaches dance in various cultural education projects:


2014 ‚WinterReise‘ Tanzprojekt in der JSA Moabit
2011 ‚KiezCouture – die goldene Mitte‚ Dance project with Stella Caric!
2010 ‚City of Hip Hop‘ Berlin-Sao Paulo


In 2014, her creative drive led her to the Berlin Festival with her first solo piece, Experimental ‘Solo Performance’. In 2016 Marisa Akeny played and danced in the German premiere, Je suis Fassbinder ‘by Falk Richter, directed by Barish Karademir in the Tafelhalle, Nürnberg. In 2017, she acted and danced in the theater play ‘Splintered’, directed by Barish Karademir and written by Alexandra Badea.

Marisa is a Jack of all trades and as DJ regularly on dance battles like OutboxMe, Bordaline Battles or her own funk event “Cool Whip”.


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