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Swaggi Maggi

Regular Teacher
Dancehall Urban Dance

Maggi has been teaching Dancehall since 2005. She is self-taught due to the lack of good dance training in this style in Germany. To further her knowledge, she embarked on several trips to Kingston, Jamaica, where she completed an intensive Dancehall training in 2011. She has since organized dance trips to Jamaica, dance workshops and camps, as well as Dancehall parties in Germany. Since 2012, she has worked as a tour manager for Jamaican dancers in Europe under the label “TopUp Production”. Maggi attaches great importance to the culture behind the dance, which led her to study the anthropological side of Dancehall.



– Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Philology

– Certified Stylish Moves Tutor Level 1 & 2

– Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Anthropology (focus on dance anthropology: The institutionalization of Dancehall dancing – from the streets to the studio)


What was the biggest influence on your personal dance journey (education, performance)?



How would you describe your style?

According to the dance spectrum–from happy to sensual to bad gal 😉



What is important to you in dance? What do you want to convey?

The culture behind the movement of dance.



Language of instruction


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