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Magda Rudzik

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Magda Rudzik

Born in Poland, Magda started dancing in kindergarten and later tried out many different urban styles such as hip-hop, popping, locking and house dancing. Though her heart was quickly conquered by Dancehall.

After moving to Berlin in 2013, she came into contact with Swaggi Maggi, of whom she had previously heard. Now a great passion for dancehall dance was inflamed. Since 2016 Magda was a member of the crew Primetime Danzas. Founded in 2013 by Swaggi Maggi, the crew has participated in various competitions with their mix of dancehall and other afro styles and has performed in various formations. Since 2018 Magda is  a member of Primetime Dimension, a union of the crews Primtetime Danzas and Purple Dimension

During these years, Magda learned a lot from Maggi and also became more involved with the dancehall culture, participated in many workshops and also traveled to Jamaica twice to absorb the dance and culture “from the roots”, she says. These journeys have left lasting impressions and massively influenced their development as a dancehall dancer.


“Dancehall plays an important role in my life and that’s why I want to share my passion – dancehall is not just a dance class but also culture, music, language and clothing style – and I always try to pinpoint that.”


Maggi suggested Magda as her pregnancy replacement for the first half of 2019. We are very pleased that Magda is continuing this Dancehall Class in Maggis time out. Maggie’s influence on Magda’s development as a Dancehall dancer was huge and so you will certainly have a lot of fun with Magda while also getting the beloved swag of Maggi.




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