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Luisa Burow "Lulu"

Afro & Latin Dances
Regular Teacher
Afro Dancehall Samba Zeitgenössisch Zumba

Luisa Burow, also known as “Lulu”, has been a Zumba trainer with experience since 2014. The Berlin native with roots in Madagascar has a great fascination for African and Latin American dances, which she uses in her lessons to create a fusion full of hot beats and rhythms. Dance has accompanied her since childhood, where she learned Ballet, Samba, Street Sance and Jazz. As a graduate of contemporary dance training at the dance academy “Balance 1” she brings a solid education in stage dance.

In addition to her work as a Zumba and dance instructor for various dance and fitness studios in Berlin, she particularly likes working with children and young people with whom she does hip hop or creative dancing.



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