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Lucia Matzke "Sista Tide"

Regular Teacher
Freestyle Hip Hop Kindertanz Krump

Lucia Matzke is a freelance krump dancer and instructor of krump and hip-hop. From a young age Lucia enjoyed dancing and performing on stage. At the age of eleven she took her first dance lessons in various youth clubs and sports centers. Her focus was already then on urban dance. In 2005, she began regularly attending Modern Jazz and Urban Dance classes with Stella Caric at the Alte-Feuerwache Kreuzberg. At the age of 13 she participated in the training of the Academy Bühnenkunstschule and took part in the final piece: “Einzigartig”. After that she participated in several dance projects, like Jam-On-It or Kiez Couture, where she also worked on shows.

Lucia has been part of the motion*s Teams since its opening. Her interest to develop herself as a dancer makes her try out new dance styles again and again, whereby she locates her passion in the urban area.

She has been involved with freestyle techniques since 2015 and has participated in Mince e.V.’s street dance training program with Prince M.I.K. Ofori 2016-2018, among others. Her style is a mix of hip-hop and krump. Since 2019 she is an active member of the Berlin Krump community and part of the Tide Fam (a Berlin Krump dance group).

In 2022 she collaborated with Aktion Tanz e.V. as an “associated artist” in the project “RECONNECT PARTICIPATIVE DANCE- CONNECTING COMMUNITIES”. In 2021 Lucia graduated with a Master’s degree in Religion and Culture from Humboldt University in Berlin. In her work, Lucia tries to combine her two passions: dancing and intercultural exchange. Here she is interested in topics such as cultural participation, equal opportunities, anti-discrimination strategies and empowerment.



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