Leonie Fromme

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Body Alignment Contemporary improvisation

Leonie Fromme

Fascinated by creative activities and bodies in motion, I started moving with acrobatics and urban dance. In 2008 I had an accident and I had to take a break from dancing. Instead I discovered other sports. Three years later, I started my contemporary dance education where I became more interested in alignment, improvisation and teaching practices. My research is about the connection between different ways of movement. Throughout my studies, I have been working with different kinds of dancers and movers. Dance has a very positive effect on everyone and I am dedicated to sharing this knowledge.

My classes and workshops are based on body alignment.

Whether the participants use their body as an instrument for dancing, performance or other activities, they will have a deeper understanding of their instrument. This will help them approach their personal practices. The knowledge of „The Inner Frame“ can be applied in all aspects of life.

Through core strengthening, stretches and across the floor exercises, I encourage the students to discover, observe and shape their alignment in motion. I put focus into activating the core, which is the base of every movement practice.
Awareness is the other foundation I teach. My class offers a welcoming atmosphere to all participants, so they feel welcome to take a deeper look into their own posture.

„The Inner Frame“

My teaching concept, „The Inner Frame“, is based on the research about my own body after an accident in 2008. I had a broken vertebra and a numb muscle in my back. I never stopped moving or dancing, despite what the doctors advised. Instead, I designed a daily practice for myself while attending several schools for dance and performance in Berlin and Freiburg, Germany.

My own story inspired me to focus on improvisation instead of dancing set choreographies. And as I’m still an active dancer and performer I offer special workshops for dancers of all styles.

In these workshops, I coach the dancers/movers additionally to alignment and core exercises through research and improvisation tasks. So the dancers/movers gain a deeper understanding of their postural structure on one hand, but also a deeper understanding of their way of expression. Per creativity and imagination games I encourage the students to discover unknown paths in their dance patterns and open new opportunities in their movement choices.
I see that every dancer is unique and it is this uniqueness and own story going on, which makes the dancer an individual even in dancing a very popular style. „The Inner Frame – dance“ teaches the dancers to be aware of their inner to gain a wide range of expression into the outer.


2013-2015 „TIP – Schule für Tanz,Improvisation und Performance“ Freiburg, Germany
• performance,
• improvisation, contact
• improvisation,
• composition, anatomy

2011-2013 „Dance Emotion“ Freiburg, Germany
• jazz dance, ballet,
• modern dance, hip hop,
• pedagogics, anatomy

2009-2010 „Dance Intensive“ Berlin, Germany
• performance,
• contemporary dance,
• contact improvisation,
• improvisation, anatomy

since 2013 teaching and research about improvisation
• Barcelona, Spain
• Berlin, Germany
• Freiburg,Germany
• Oakland, US

2007-2009 Berlin, Germany
• jam on it dance crew urban dance

2006 Berlin, Germany
• first experiences in bgirling and freestyle

2003-2006 disTANZ Berlin, Germany
• dance theater

2001-2005 cabuwazi Berlin, Germany
• acrobatics


2016/2017 HTW Berlin, Germany
• contemporary dance

2016 several replacements Berlin, Germany
• dance, pilates, fitness

2015/2016 weekly class Barcelona, Spain
• contemporary dance

2013-2015 weekly class Freiburg,Germany
• movement and alignment for adults and seniors

2014 bigger than…, Hannover, Germany
• experimental dance workshop

2011-2014 Dance Emotion Freiburg, Germany
• ballet for children

2010 ruby tuesday Cottbus,Germany
• movement and dance workshop



2006 Krieg dancecompanie Lis:sanga. Les Noces with the “Berlin er Philharmoniker A.Collins ,Simon Rattle
• Solistin

2015 Schritt:reise final performances collektive work
• duett and instant composition

2016 Meet/meat Dorothea Seror
• work in progress



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      Saturday, 21. April 201819:00 ‐ 20:00Free Entry*****
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      Saturday, 24. March 201819:00 ‐ 20:00Free Entry*****
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      Saturday, 24. February 201819:00 ‐ 20:00Free Entry*****
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      Saturday, 20. January 201819:00 ‐ 20:00Free Entry*****
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      Saturday, 25. November 201719:00 ‐ 20:00Free Entry*****