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Lena Strützke

Regular Teacher
Contemporary Hip Hop Kindertanz Modern Lyrical Zeitgenössischer Tanz

Lena Strützke


Born and raised in Berlin, Lena starts her journey in dance in aerial acrobatics (trapeze) in a young age which guides her interest more towards performing arts. In 2014 she is part of the production “Brüder und Schwestern” among a big group of dancers, actors and singers followed by the physical theatre production “Am Puls der Stadt”. The same year she starts teaching dance classes in Berlin. Within the next two years she performs her first work “Camouflage” at two dance festivals in Berlin. In 2018 she finished her three year studies in contemporary dance and starts working with her self-founded art collective “Ugly Girl Gang”.

Currently she is working as a dancer, choreographer and teacher.


“Before I studied contemporary dance, I was mostly inspired and trained in urban dance styles which gives the movement that I’m teaching more variety also in combination with different rhythms and beats.
In my class I focus on strong physicality, groove and choreography work.

I’ve got a big passion for music and club culture which is a big influence on my work because I believe that dance and music brings people together, connects them and is one of the oldest traditions to celebrate.  My classes start with an improvisation warm up which helps to find the connection between mind and body as well as learning how to articulate the body with the right amount of energy. I focus on learning how to work with tension and relaxation and how this will guide you through different qualities. We learn how to be aware of the space and the people we are working with to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and able to learn and grow. My choreography work is mostly inspired by the group itself which can be energetic and challenging as well as delicate and vulnerable. My goal is to strengthen the body as well as the mind and at the same time finding uniqueness in our ways of moving together.”



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