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Jules Kühner

Handstand & Balancing
Regular Teacher
handstand partner akrobatik Yoga

After studying marketing and management, Jules moved to Los Angeles to work and gain international expertise. In the process, she immersed herself in the movement arts of yoga and partner acrobatics. Actually, movement has always played the biggest role in her life and after a brief glimpse into the office world, it was quite clear that movement must be her professional home as well.
Her youth was marked by athletics in the field of hurdling. Later, Jules worked in gyms as a trainer. Since 2014, her daily routine has been full of yoga, partner acrobatics, handstand, Thai massage, flexibility and functional movement classes.

Her classes have a holistic and fun approach. She emphasizes a sustainable practice, so our range of motion is constantly expanding. Handstand is first and foremost a mental thing and therefore not only diversity in approach is fundamental, but also the courage to change perspective. The willingness to learn handstand starts in the heart and can express your full power through the body. Jules belief is that playing with balance teaches us to hold the moment with fascination.

Besides teaching, she does a lot of partner acrobatics, handstand and contortion training herself.

Jules mother tongue is German. She also speaks fluent English. Depending on the participants she teaches in German or English.




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