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Josefine Wandel

Indian Fusion Dance
Guest Teacher
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Josefine Wandel – Dancer, Teacher and Pioneer of  Indian Fusion Bellydance

At the age of 10 Josefine discovers the Rags Sharki and starts to dance. While graduating high school she already teaches oriantal dance and Bollywood dance. Through her contact with Bollywood dance her interest in classical indian dance styles such as „Odissi“, „Bharati Natyam“ or Kathak grows.  In 2006 Josefine is hooked for tribal Fusion after seeing a live performance by the famous Tribal Fusion icon Rachel Brice. Needles to say Josefines fascination only grows.

So she packs her bags and travels to and throughout India to learn more about indian dance and culture, living amongst nomads for some time. This time has influenced her and her own dance style tremendously.

Since 2012 she has been studying with Colleena Shakti to become an „Odissi“ dancer at the Mohaptra Gharana. Her continuous travels to India give her the opportunity to learn from masters of the Indian Fusion style such a Colleena Shakti and Sujata Mohapatra. As a pioneer of the Indian Fusion Style Josefine Wandel teaches and performs in Germany and around the globe.
Together with  Ina she runs the Tribal Dance Academy in Berlin and organizes the Tribal Noir, a Tribal Fusion Festival in Berlin.

Josefine combines Indian art and philosophy and the esthetics of the Classical Indian Dance with the strength of Tribal Fusion Dance.


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