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Florencia Lamarca

Fluentbody, Somatic Therapy
Regular Teacher
Fluentbody Somatic Healing

Florencia Lamarca

Florencia Lamarca was born in 1981 in Uruguay. After receiving her final degree from the Mateh Asher School of Performing Arts in Israel, Florencia became a member of the Ensemble Batsheva touring throughout Europe, Japan and the United States until 2004. She then moved to Europe and collaborated with dance makers on numerous projects with the likes of »T.R.A.S.H.« Dance Company from Netherlands and in Berlin with Nir De Volff, Yui Kawaguchi, Gabriel Galindez Cruz, and Paul Gazzola.

Furthermore she was part of the production »Ein Sommernachtstraum« by Constanza Macras and Thomas Ostermeier at the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz. Since 2007 Florencia is a guest performer at Sasha Waltz & Guests.Along side her performativity work, Florencia has been choreographing her own work and collaborated with artists in Berlin and Europe. Her work was performed in RadialSystem and Dock11 amongst others.

She qualified as a Grinberg and Panta Rei practitioner (somatic healing) and has since developed her own approach to healing drawing on her experience and knowledge. Florencia has been traveling the world teaching unique workshops combining her extensive knowledge of movement, her choreographic research and her somatic healing approach.


Important Influences and Experiences

  • 3 years having GAGA movement as a member of the batsheva dance company.
  • Endless improvisation research as part of different dance and theater productions. For example at the Schaubühne for the “summer night dream“
  • With Sasha Waltz company, being part of the creation of 6 dance productions.
  • And of course my somatic formation, which took 4 years, today already 8 years being a somatic therapist.

Florencias Specialty

  • Combining the richness of movement with the somatic aspect hat brings eventually healing into our lives.
  • Important to pass onto my students
  •  To enjoy our ability to feel and connect
  • Discover their own power and strength, and mostly be free of judgment!


Dive deeper!

Florencia offers her own retreats, combining Fluentbody & Sweatlodge.
For those that want to dive into movement and bring healing into their life .
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